Contact Information

Professor Robert Tilton
Director, Center for Complex Fluids Engineering
tilton [at]

Dr. Annette Jacobson
Director, Colloids, Polymers and Surfaces (CPS) Educational Program
jacobson [at]

Shannon Young
CPS and CFE Administrative Assistant
(412) 268-2243
E-mail:slyoung [at]

Transport and Mechanics of Fluid-Fluid Interfaces Workshop

We are organizing a one-day workshop at CMU on the topic of “Transport and Mechanics at Fluid-Fluid Interfaces”. Problems associated with characterizing and controlling interfacial tension are pervasive in a variety of industries. While the problems are specific to each industry, the fundamentals underlying interfacial tension and the associated transport, kinetics, and interfacial mechanical responses are generic. Our discussions at conferences and meetings indicate a serious gap between the research taking place in academia and the real problems facing practitioners dealing with fluid interfaces. There are no plug-and-play devices to measure interfacial properties because the needed material properties are not actually identified – dynamic interfacial tension is not a material property. The goal of the workshop is to have an open discussion of the needs for measuring and modeling/analysis of interfacial processes. The workshop will provide enough tutorial-style material to allow for educated and focused discussion, and then present cutting edge research from an academic perspective. This will be followed by round table discussions to identify key needs and problems in characterization, applications and complex interfacial systems.

We would like to invite you or a colleague to attend this one-day workshop at CMU on Friday November 2, 2012 (this is during the AIChE meeting held in Pittsburgh that week). A commitment of attendance* is needed by Friday Sept 28, 2012 for planning purposes. This is not a short course and there is no charge for attendance, but the numbers are limited to facilitate discussion.


8:30am (DH 4201 lobby) Coffee and pastries

9:00 - 11:45am (DH 4201) Tutorial sessions: Coffe break @ 10:15am

12:00 - 1:30pm Lunch - Shatz dining room, University Center

1:30 - 2:30pm (DH 3202) A poster session on interfacial research at CMU and a tour of our facilities with dicussion of microtensiometer techniques.

2:30 - 3:30pm (Scaife conference room) Round table discussion(s) focused on targeted questions generated by participants and arising from discussions at meetings and conferences in the last few years. These questions will be formulated prior to the workshop and focused during the morning sessions.

3:30 - onwards: Adjourn

Please contact Shelley Anna or Lynn Walker if you would like to attend. At that time, we will be asking for some information from you regarding your specific interests; this information will facilitate the round table discussion.

Travel Information

Directions and travel information (including a list of local hotels) to Carnegie Mellon can be found at: Visit CMU. If you are staying downtown (for the AIChE meeting), it is an easy cab or PAT bus ride up to campus. Ask for directions at your hotel. The airport is a 30min drive from CMU, although a little longer if catching Friday afternoon traffic.